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Notion Recurring Payments Overview

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Keep track of your recurring expenses in a simple and clean overview

This template will help you to track your subscriptions, utility bills, insurances and other expenses which you have to pay on regular basis.

You will get a simple and clean overview of what you have to pay for regularly with useful monthly and yearly summaries.

✅ Simple and clean overview
✅ Monthly & yearly summaries
✅ Multiple currencies support with auto-updated exchange rates
✅ Flexible payment frequencies
✅ Categorization by topic and level of necessity

Multiple currencies support (with auto-updated exchange rates)

You can enter the price for each payment in any currency. The price is automatically converted to your main currency and the monthly/yearly costs are calculated based on the payment frequency and currency exchange rates settings.

Exchange rates can be set either manually or automatically. The template includes a guide how to set up the automation to update the exchange rates regularly from the external service.

Flexible payment frequencies

The template is very flexible, you can choose from multiple predefined payment frequencies: monthly, half-yearly, quarterly, yearly. If the predefined ones doesn't fit your needs you define easily any custom one.


Each record is assigned to a category (customizable) and a level of necessity.

Inactive records

Instead of deleting records you can set them as inactive and reactive them later.

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Keep track of your recurring expenses in a simple and clean overview


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Notion Recurring Payments Overview

6 ratings
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